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Sound Shark Saves the Day

By Paul Terpstra

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So often, the difference between capturing the moment and missing it entirely relies entirely on timing. Our friend, Dan Weecks, from Weecks Production LLC, arrived at a military burial service that he had been hired to record with his video crew. Dan and his crew arrived early, however, due to a scheduling mix-up at the burial site, the service was moved up and nobody was notified. The video crew was still setting up a boom microphone and cameras when the pallbearers began to move the casket from the hearse to the ceremony site. With no time to set up the intended microphones or cameras, Dan relied on the Sound Shark mounted on top of his portable ENG camera to capture audio of the important event, and to ensure he documented the beginning of the service while set up of the other equipment was completed.

According to Dan, the Sound Shark really saved the day, as the crew had no other way to capture some of the most important audio that day without walking through the middle of the ceremony.

A sample of a memorial service recorded by Dan and his crew can be found on the “Video Gallery” page.

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