Crystal Clarity with Klear Shot

Avoid moisture and debris that can compromise your lens, and trust a camera lens cleaning system that safeguards your equipment.

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Don't Let the Rain
Ruin Your Shots

Do you hate wasting time by constantly cleaning your lenses during outdoor events? Does the weather or the environment make it challenging to keep your lenses clear?

Say goodbye to spending time and money on ineffective solutions with Klear Shot– a revolutionary camera lens cleaning system that made its debut at NAB in 2014 and has since been trusted by professionals. It is a camera lens cleaner that uses compressed nitrogen gas to easily remove accumulated moisture from the surface of the lens to keep it clean and clear at all times. The recommended tank of Nitrogen can last over three hours.

Klear Shot is perfect for a variety of outdoor events, including:

  • Football

  • Baseball

  • Soccer

  • Ski Racing

  • Auto Racing

  • Yacht Racing

  • & More!

Are you ready to step into the action and test Klear Shot in real-world application?

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Clear Vision in Seconds, No Contact Required!

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Industry Leading Technology & Safety. The Klear Shot is a user friendly, non-contact system for removing moisture or debris from a camera lens. The Klear Shot uses compressed gas to blow moisture off the surface of the lens.
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