Amateur / Hobby Videographers

Sound Shark with a hybrid camera

High-Quality Mic For Amateur Videography

Have you ever wished you had a microphone that worked like the zoom lens on your camera?

The Sound Shark microphone is exactly what you've been looking for. It amplifies sound from a distance, so you can capture audio of unexpected family moments, document family get-togethers, and record sporting events with crystal-clear clarity. YouTube videographers have also been impressed with the Sound Shark's quality of sound and portability. 

The Sound Shark microphone's long-range pickup and versatile directionality make it ideal for recording sporting events. It can separate the sounds of the game from the sounds of the cheering crowd, allowing you to capture all the action without worrying about background noise.

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For Video Production Educators

Most high schools and colleges have video production programs, and sports at both levels are often broadcast or streamed. Unfortunately, many of these educational programs have limited budgets for audio equipment, which can lead to poor audio quality in their productions.

The Sound Shark is a budget-friendly microphone that can drastically improve the audio of your productions. With its greater range and focus than a shotgun microphone, the Sound Shark can provide on-field sounds that a shotgun mic just can't match. This can greatly improve the audio portion of your video production.

The Sound Shark is used to broadcast or stream classes, meetings, special programs, plays, and even sporting events. However, due to their extreme sensitivity, they are not well-suited for sound reinforcement/PA systems.

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a woman in a Sound Shark T-shirt

Have you used a Sound Shark in a unique way to record videos? Share your story with us, and we will send you a Sound Shark T-shirt!

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