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Choose Versatility with KLOVER MiK

Four models to choose from depending on your needs

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Known as the "shotgun killer," the KLOVER MiK 09 is a versatile microphone that offers superior directionality and compatibility with omnidirectional lapel mics. With a range of over 30 feet, it can capture multiple speakers in a conversation, making it a reliable choice for professionals.

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The KLOVER MiK 16 is a lightweight, portable parabolic microphone that combines safety with versatility. It has a 250+ foot range, with a modular design that allows for easy customization and parts replacement.

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The KLOVER MiK 26 is our most powerful model, made from ballistics-grade plastic designed for the most demanding conditions. It can capture clear audio from long distances, with a remarkable range of up to 500 feet in ideal conditions. It also features vibration isolation bushings for noise reduction.

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KLOVER Kustoms

Need custom bracketry, enclosures, and parabolic mic arrays designed for your convenience and specific needs? KLOVER Products offers tailored solutions for optimal performance, versatility, and protection of your parabolic mics.

Klover Accessories

From custom-built microphone windscreens to carrying cases, we have the accessories to help you create your ideal audio experience.

*only for existing customers

Cases And Bags
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Wind Covers
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Spare Parts

All KLOVER MiK parts are easily interchanged, thanks to quick-release attachments.

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Capture The Sound You Want

Choose Your KLOVER MiK

Select a model or set up a consultation call for personalized recommendations.

Build Your Kit

Customize your equipment from our selection of accessories that suit your needs. Feel free to book a consultation call for assistance.


Select a model or set up a consultation call for personalized recommendations.

Klover Products is a trailblazer in the professional audio and video industry, built upon a foundation of technology and engineering principles. Our parabolic microphones redefine audio precision, offering extended range, focused directionality, and superior sound clarity. We also design video tools that cater to the needs of professionals, making us their trusted partner in capturing sounds and creating videos that amplify user experience.

Can Your Mic Reach As Far Your Lens?

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