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Meet the New and Improved KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphone

By Paul Terpstra

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Exciting news! Here at Klover Products, we are thrilled to tell you that we’ve made design updates to our popular line of KLOVER MiK parabolic microphones.

While these parabolic microphones are commonly used by sports broadcasters and security agencies to capture clear and directional sound from distances up to 600 feet, they are made to be easily functional and used by anyone.

So, what are the main differences with our new KLOVER MiK models?

Let’s look at some of the key features and advantages with the new KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone.

Bernie B Parabolic Mic Operator Crash

Our new model is twice as strong

Our products take a beating on the sidelines and being transported from event to event. The new construction methods make the microphone’s handle and mic support modules twice as strong as the old components with epoxied joints.

This increased strength is due to the Kevlar reinforcement incorporated into each module. But don’t worry – the controlled failure that makes the parabolic mics safe for operators and athletes is still present in the new design. Likewise, the components break in a controlled manner, absorbing energy without leaving dangerous sharp edges.

km 26k modular construction

We’ve created a new more modular design

The new design is even more modular than before, making repairs easier than ever before. Each component is now constructed by assembling a minimum number of modules using small screws.  This means that repairs can be completed in just a few minutes, in the field, instead of being returned to factory.

We’ve added assembly aides

KLOVER MiK 26K Mic Yoke Setup Guide

To further simplify the assembly process, setup guides are now incorporated into the modules. Guides, such as arrows, are incorporated into the modules providing on-the-fly assembly guidance, and the modules are also keyed for correct orientation for easy user repairs.

The parabolic microphone has new adjustment capability

Replaceable locator bushings, with a built-in offset, can increase or decrease the tension on the microphone bar. This adjustment allows the users to compensate for any looseness encountered as parts age. Pretty cool, right?

And good news! These design updates have been incorporated into both the 16-inch KLOVER MiK16 and the 26-inch KLOVER MiK 26. So, whatever size that suits your needs, you can benefit from the new updates the KLOVER MiK can now offer.

In addition, the old V1 version of the KLOVER MiK 16 has been replaced with our new “Broadcast” version.  This new version incorporates a neck strap and a mounting plate for electronics.

KM-26K lineup
What people are saying about the KLOVER MiK:

“We hear things that were all but impossible to get before. Klover MiK has become the industry standard.” – Fred Alous, Senior mixer for FOX Sport and Audio consultant

“We just finished our first home stand. We loved the (KLOVER MiK-16) Parabs! They sound great! You can hear the pop of the mitt and the crack of the bat so crisply.“ – Andrew Halverson, Director, Broadcast – Minnesota Twins Baseball Club

“I used them on one football game and was instantly sold… I am happy to say I will not be using any other product on any football broadcast I am part of.” – Steve Koubridis, CFL Sound Engineer

We have worked hard at making the KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone a top-of-the-line option for anyone looking to capture clear and directional sound from a distance.

For more information on our new product, or any questions you have, please feel free to contact us!

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