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The KLOVER MiK 26 parabolic microphone is our most powerful model, engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions. It can capture sounds and conversations from great distances with stunning clarity, up to 500 feet away. In search and rescue tests, calls for help were understood from over a mile away.

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Our flagship product developed in 2012

Dual KLOVER MiK 26 Parabolic Microphones


Two of our standard models bundled for your convenience

KLOVER MiK 26 Tactical


Features a modified front flange to fit in a smaller case for transport. Identical to the standard model in performance

"We hear things that were all but impossible to get before. KLOVER MiK has become the industry standard."

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Fred Aldous

Sr. Mixer/Audio Consultant - Fox
"In my opinion, there is really no comparison between the Big Ears Parabolic Microphone and the KLOVER MiK. The Klover microphone has a much tighter pickup pattern. The Klover microphone has a completely different focus method and sounds much more like a condenser shotgun microphone."

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Jason Martin

Jason Martin Audio
"I was impressed with not only the quality of the materials used to build the Klover parabolic microphones, but also the clarity and presence of audio."

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Dan Weecks

Weecks Productions
"We are very happy with the 26-inch parabolic microphone kits we got from you. Thank you for getting them to us so quickly."

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Ljuboslav Boskic

Nevada National Security Site
"The Klover system worked great! Too good for one of the College’s with which we have a season contract. After I got things settled, we had a great broadcast and the Klover was very instrumental. So good that we received emails and text messages from viewers about the value the sideline sounds made to the broadcast. The Monday following the game, I get a call from the College’s athletic director asking for a meeting ASAP. When the coaches reviewed the broadcast, they got upset that you could hear their audibles and felt that their next opponent would have an advantage. So much so they demanded that we take broadcast down from our website and prohibited us from using the dish in their last two games."

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Jim Petromilli

President, Bay Area Online Sports Network

The KLOVER MiK 26 Features

Highly Reflective Dish

Our stiff, highly reflective dish material is made from ballistics-grade plastic and provides a fuller audio signal.

Detailed Design

Our top flange is designed to attach the transmitter to the top of the dish for better signal strength.

Vibration Insulation

We use specialty vibration isolation bushings on all attachments and handles to eliminate noise that may come from an operator’s movement.

Modular Construction

Attachments such as microphone yokes and handles are designed to be interchangeable so you can customize your KLOVER MiK for different jobs and easily replace damaged parts. The dish is designed to be safely stacked without scratching the critical internal surface.

Easy Setup

Time is money in video production. We use quick-release connectors for every attachment — even the neck strap. Set up takes mere minutes.

Designed For Safety

PVC is brittle and creates sharp, spear-like edges if broken. Metal parts can also cause serious injury to the operator and athlete. However, our carbon fiber parts crush upon impact. All protruding studs have also been removed from the front of the dish.

Sample Clips

Raw audio from sideline

Raw audio from behind home plate


Security / Law Enforcement


Search & Rescue

Nature Study

Mechanical Noise Detection



  • Dimensions: 26 x 28 1/4 x 10 inches

KLOVER MiK 26 Tactical

  • Dimensions: 26 x 29 1/4 x 10 inches

Both Models

  • Range: 500 to 600 feet in ideal conditions
  • Amplification: Approximately 48 X
  • Dish Outside Diameter: 26 inches
  • Collector Diameter: 24 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 7.5 pounds
  • Collector Dish Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Frequency: 40 Hz to 20 kHz (dependent on microphone used)
  • Focus Point: 2-1/4 inches behind the inner face of the mic mounting hub or 4 inches behind the front flange of the dish
  • Pickup Pattern: Approximately conical (15 degrees off center)
  • (See “Test Results.")
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional mic (lapel mics up to 5/16 inch in diameter or cylindrical/pencil mics 3/4 to 7/8 inch in diameter)
  • Mounting Options: intended to be handheld
  • Accessory Mounting: the optional monopod mount allows the unit to be mounted on a tripod or monopod

Education Center

Get the most out of your KLOVER MiK experience with our comprehensive collection of resources.

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Custom Bracketry

We can create custom bracketry for you to mount our parabolic microphones on poles or pipes of various sizes with various angles. This has been helpful in both broadcasts as well as security applications.

a green box with a camera inside of it

Custom Enclosures

We’ve designed low-profile, custom enclosures to protect parabolic mics mounted in dangerous areas, such as behind the backstop at Major League baseball games.

a street sign with a bunch of round holes on it

Parabolic Mic Arrays

This specialty design was created to detect drones approaching secure sites, such as government buildings. Needing coverage for a large area of sky, we designed an array of separate parabolic microphones to listen from any direction within a sector of the sky.

Custom Enclosure Examples

Two custom parabolic microphone enclosures were created for Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. They were resized to fit the backstop and a shelf for an optional remote camera was added.

a baseball stadium filled with lots of seats
a view of a baseball field from the outfield

The Minnesota Twins also purchased two custom enclosures for Target Field.  They were resized to fit the trapezoidal opening in the  backstop.  A shelf for an optional remote camera was also added.

a view of a baseball field from the outfield
a couple of trash cans sitting on top of a baseball field

Two custom parabolic microphone enclosures were also created for Minute Maid Field, home of the Houston Astros.  They were resized to fit the existing signage along the backstop.

a group of baseball players standing on top of a field

Can Your Mic Reach As Far Your Lens?

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