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Sound Shark Covers CES 2017 with BeTerrific Media

By Paul Terpstra

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Sound Shark Audio once again showcased its unique parabolic microphone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, January 5-8, 2017. This year, we partnered with Emmy-winning videographer and BeTerrific CEO Michael Artsis to conduct live interviews with key change-makers. We also captured demo videos on the CES floor, demonstrating the power of the Shark Sound parabolic microphone to capture clear audio from long distance even in the most challenging of settings.

Artsis and BeTerrific Media selected Sound Shark for its superior ability to capture sound in noisy environments without the use of cables or attached mics. Sound Shark microphones reject ambient noise better than a shotgun mic, allowing video professionals to work in locations with high levels of ambient noise, such as a convention center.

The location of the BeTerrific mobile studio turned out to be too noisy to make use of the Sound Shark as the primary mic but made a great back-up for times when the interviewee lost him head-worn microphone, which happened several times.

In addition, the Sound Shark also allowed on-floor interviews to be conducted, and Artsis to steam while roaming the convention floor, without worry of tripping over microphone cables.

Michael summed it up nicely for us in this video and watch our BeTerrific interview.

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