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KLOVER MiK 26 parabolic microphone on the sidelines of the 2014 Super Bowl

Klover Products is the direct result of a simple request. FOX Sports wanted a better parabolic microphone than the industry standard at the time.

Our founder, Paul Terpstra, was running a successful engineering consulting firm when he received the audio challenge. As a master problem solver, he designed the first version of the KLOVER MiK 26 and built a prototype. The remarkable improvements in range and clarity led FOX to order KLOVER MiK 26 parabolic mics. Klover Products, Inc. was founded in order to fulfill that order.

Patrick Santini, ModTruss' founder, came on board as a co-founder in 2012, and in 2018, Paul Terpstra and his wife, Diane, assumed full ownership of the company.

After nearly a decade of experience collaborating with major television networks, Klover Products understands the challenges of capturing the right audio and provides solutions that address these issues.

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Hand Built In Wisconsin

Each KLOVER MiK is hand-built in Wisconsin, with more than 90% of domestically sourced material (with 65% coming from suppliers within 80 miles of our location).

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Made Locally – Shipped Globally
  • Broadcast

  • Search and Rescue

  • Military

  • Law Enforcement

  • Nature Study

  • Live Events

Can Your Mic Reach As Far Your Lens?

"Sad Sam the Cameraman" mascot for KLOVER MiK parabolic microphones.
We will be closed from February 22 to February 29.  We will hold all orders until March 1 for processing.
We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.