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Quality Audio For
Classroom Streaming

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular, and streaming video of the instructor is relatively easy. Wireless microphones provide excellent audio for the instructor, and adding a second camera to capture video of the students is straightforward. However, capturing audio of student questions and interactions can be challenging.

Passing a wireless handheld microphone from student to student is time-consuming and disruptive and can create handling noise. One or more Sound Shark microphones can effectively capture classroom interactions without these drawbacks.

To make the Sound Shark more available to educators, we have instituted a discount program for education institutions. Learn more about this discount program here.

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For Video Production Educators

Most high schools and colleges have video production programs, and sports at both levels are often broadcast or streamed. Unfortunately, many of these educational programs have limited budgets for audio equipment, which can lead to poor audio quality in their productions.

The Sound Shark is a budget-friendly microphone that can drastically improve the audio of your productions. With its greater range and focus than a shotgun microphone, the Sound Shark can provide on-field sounds that a shotgun mic just can't match. This can greatly improve the audio portion of your video production.

The Sound Shark is used to broadcast or stream classes, meetings, special programs, plays, and even sporting events. However, due to their extreme sensitivity, they are not well-suited for sound reinforcement/PA systems.

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College Classroom

When Covenant College was faced with the challenge of streaming classes, they soon discovered the challenge of capturing clear audio in the classroom. The professors were unwilling, or unable, to deal with wireless mics.  Shotgun mics, the obvious alternative, picked up too little of the speaker and too much classroom noise.

Covenant’s Audio Video Coordinator, Ben Ray, was familiar with the Sound Shark and asked to test one. The results were so good that the college purchased 42 Sound Sharks for their classrooms.

“We had to capture the voice of the professors as clearly as possible while cutting-out the surrounding ambient noise. We tested this, it did exactly what we wanted it to. The HVAC, student chatter, electrical buzz, and other environmental noise was all but gone in recordings, but the professor could be heard clearly, provided the dish of the Sound Shark was aimed properly.”

“The Sound Sharks were the true key to allowing the professors to still teach from the classrooms while being heard — both the in-person students and the remote students – effectively and clearly.”

Have you used a Sound Shark in a unique way to record videos? Share your story with us, and we will send you a Sound Shark T-shirt!

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