Independent Filmmakers

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The Independent Filmmaker's Ultimate Audio Solution

Independent filmmakers often face tight budgets and limited audio recording capabilities. The Sound Shark microphone solves both problems with its long range and directionality. It can be hidden out of the shot to record dialogue without requiring a mic for each actor, making it an excellent choice for independent filmmakers.

Filming near water is also no problem for the Sound Shark microphone. It can be kept at a safe distance from any splashing, and by using water-resistant microphones, you can expose the Sound Shark to even more of the elements. The Sound Shark also works great for recording wildlife or capturing ambient sounds like street noise.

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The Easy Way to Record Dialogues

Placing a Sound Shark microphone in front of actors allows you to capture dialogue between multiple performers without outfitting each one with a microphone. You won’t have to deal with wireless microphones or spend time hiding body packs and wireless mics in clothing.

This video provides a brief demonstration of how the Sound Shark can capture an entire conversation.

Capture More, See Less

Setting up a Sound Shark microphone on a stand placed out of camera view will eliminate the need for a boom operator. This gives you more flexibility as you shoot your scene, especially if you are the only cameraman available. If a boom pole is required, the Sound Shark can be several feet from the speaker(s), allowing for a wider shot without seeing the microphone.


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