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KLOVER MiK 09 parabolic mic

Weddings pose unique challenges for videographers and photographers. The situation can be stressful. There is but one chance to get things exactly right–there are no reshoots. You miss your shot, you fail to capture usable audio, and the moment is lost to history. When the environment requires you to be ready at a moment’s notice, it pays to be prepared with the best possible equipment for the job. We constantly strive to perfect the Sound Shark parabolic mic to ensure the wedding videographers that use our equipment get the crystal-clear audio they need on the first take, no matter the distance required for the shoot or unavoidable ambient noise.
wedding video audio setup                                      Sound Shark & GoPro at Wedding

To gain first-hand experience, I once used three different Sound Sharks to shoot the wedding video for one of my son’s friends. (The third camera was a Canon 5D on a monopod.)  As you can see in the video here, I was able to get very usable audio from 25 feet away. The couple was thrilled they could actually hear their vows despite the distance, wind and audience noise (complete with one unhappy little guy).

We have some amazing customers who share their experiences with us, too. This helps us continually improve, as well as learn firsthand about in-the-field successes. One of our valued customers recently began advertising how he uses the Sound Shark parabolic mic to be unobtrusive during the wedding—a significant advantage for him in his market. We all know that cameras and mics can change the tenor of a situation, and not everyone feels extremely comfortable in the spotlight. Dan Weecks, of Weecks Productions, LLC, found that using the Sound Shark allows him to remain in the background, capturing truly off-the-cuff moments, and his clients respond well to this. You can check out his take on Sound Shark here.

Do you have stories to share? Problems to solve? Drop me a note and I’ll be happy to see what we can do. Working together with other industry professionals is by far one of the most satisfying and enjoyable parts of our work at Sound Shark Audio. We look forward to connecting soon. Want to learn more about how Sound Shark can help improve the quality of your wedding video? Take a look at our Wedding Videography application page for sample videos and more information.

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Klover Products is now a leading manufacturer of parabolic microphones. The KLOVER MiK is used across the globe – trusted by major networks, such as FOX, CBS, and ESPN, as well as universities and government agencies.


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