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Do I Need A Mixer To Get Better Audio? Part 2

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I had the opportunity this past week to borrow a Lumix GH3 from Will Crockett and I have to say I am quite impressed. The still and video are excellent. Of course, I had to test the audio quality as well.

I repeated the same test that I had completed with my Canon 5D3 looking for electrical noise (hiss) in quiet environments. (See my previdous post Do I Need a Mixer To Get Better Audio? – I can say that the external amplifier did not provide any significant improvement for the GH3. It seems that the GH3 has a better internal audio circuit than the 5D3 and I would not recommend using an external amplifier / mixer with the GH3 if your only reason is to reduce electrical noise.

Does anyone have a Nikon DSLR I can test?

** UPDATE – I have addressed this topic in a new post – “Do I Need A Mixer To Get Better Audio? Part 3” **

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