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The History of Sound Shark Audio – Part 2

By Paul Terpstra

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In our last post we talked about how Sound Shark Audio came to be. Today let’s talk a little about the history of Klover Products, Inc.


Klover Products was incorporated in March of 2012 by Patrick Santini and Paul Terpstra. Patrick brought years of experience in the entertainment staging. Patrick founded Kernwer LLC, which provided temporary stages and structures to the television broadcast industry. Patrick’s stages have been used at nearly every major sporting event including the MLB All Star game, the World Series, the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Kernwer’s specialty was stages with the ability to go from on air to clear for the game to continue in less than ninety seconds. Kernwer has now been sold and Patrick is concentrating on his new company, ModTruss, Inc.

Paul brought years of experience in engineering and product design. Paul operates an engineering consulting company called Innalytical Solutions.  Paul has been been involved with automated machinery for his entire career and has been providing Patrick with engineering services for several years.  These photos show a stage that Patrick and Paul joined forces to create for the 2013 Super Bowl.


In 2011, Patrick asked Paul to develop a parabolic microphone for Fox Sports when the Fox audio engineers grew dissatisfied with the available products and asked Patrick for help. This original prototype test unit (see our previous blog) turned was testd by Fox during the later portoin of the 2011-2012 season.  That test unit turned out to be the first prototype of the microphone that would later become Klover Products’ first product, the Klover MiK 26.

More details of the Sound Shark story will be coming soon!

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