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The KLOVER MiK 26 parabolic microphone is our most powerful model, engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions. It can capture sounds and conversations from great distances with stunning clarity, up to 500 feet away. In search and rescue tests, calls for help were understood from over a mile away.

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Security / Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and security agencies can monitor dangerous situations and capture audio from a safe distance.

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Nature Study

Our parabolic microphones have been used to record land animals around the world (even Big Foot!).

Search & Rescue

Before making a purchase, a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team member conducted tests of the KLOVER MiK 26.

“The parabolic microphone aided comprehension both meaningfully and statistically at all distances. Between 322 and 1190 m, comprehension with the microphone was 86% vs. 52% for unaided listening. Between 1529 and 2510 m, comprehension with the microphone was 57% vs. only 12% for unaided listening. These results show the parabolic microphone is superior in detecting and comprehending hidden subjects who are calling.

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While being the “standard” for football, the KM-26 is ideal for other sports requiring long-range audio pickup. We know it is used for soccer, rugby, kayak racing, rodeos, horse racing, team handball, and basketball. It is also ideal for racing of all types, such as sailboat racing or ski racing.

Audio engineer Fred Aldous said, “Klover MiK has become the industry standard.” Fred led Fox Sports’ transition to the KLOVER MiK, saying, “We hear things that were all but impossible to get before.

Mechanical Noise Detection

The focused pickup pattern of the KLOVER MiK allows noises from specific points on equipment to be monitored and analyzed. The U.S. Department of Energy purchased several KLOVER MiK 26 units to monitor machinery noises at their installations.

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Can Your Mic Reach As Far Your Lens?

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