Paul Terpstra. P.E

President, Klover Products

Paul Terpstra has more than 35 years of engineering and product development experience. He founded Innalytical Solutions, Inc. in 2004, to provide a wide range of engineering services including forensic engineering, Finite Element Analysis, electromechanical design, machinedesign, and machinery repair. Mr. Terpstra was recently granted his eleventh U.S. patent.

In April of 2012, Paul and Patrick Santini, an Innalytical Solutions customer, created Klover Products, Inc. Previously in 2011, they had jointly developed a parabolic microphone for Fox Sports when Fox audio engineers grew dissatisfied with the available products. That originalt est unit turned out to be the first prototype of the microphone that would later become the KLOVER MiK 26™. The KLOVER MiK 26™ parabolic microphones have been used exclusively by Fox Sports for football broadcasts since 2012.

Since incorporation Mr. Terpstra has developed two smaller version of the KLOVER MiK™, a 16-inch unit, which has become very popular for baseball broadcasts, and a 9-inch unit that is now being used for basketball. KLOVER MiK™ parabolic microphones have been used to broadcast the Super Bowl, World Series, MLB All-Star game, NBA All-Star game, and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. A U.S. patent was granted covering the construction of the 26-inch and 16-inch KLOVER MiK™. A second U.S. panted was granted that covers the construction of the 9-inch KLOVER MiK™.

A new division of Klover Products was formed in 2014 to take parabolic microphones to the consumer market. Independent videographers have loved the consumer version of the KLOVER MiK-09 which is called the Sound Shark™. The Sound Shark™ is being used to record souvenir videos of visitors to The Ledge at the top of Willis Tower in Chicago.

Mr. Terpstra has also developed a system for removing water (rain) and debris from the lens of television cameras. The system is marketed as the Klear Shot™ is based on a patent that Klover Products has licensed from the inventor. Fox Sports has tested the new system but is awaiting approval from the stadiums and the NFL before putting it into use.

Prior to forming Innalytical, Mr. Terpstra acted as Director of Research and Development for a market leading supplier of automated assembly equipment. During his nearly 20 years with them he received six patents for various new products. In addition, his designs were nominated for the PACE Award, for innovation in the automotive industry, and the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineer's New Product of the Year award. His designs were also featured in several trade magazines including Design News, Machine Design, Production, and Automotive News.

Mr. Terpstra received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Iowa State University as well as a Masters in Management from Regent University. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Updated on 12/18/2018

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