Videographer Christian Sasse Takes Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone Around The World And Back Again

Sasse Photo Owner Uses Sound Shark’s Patented Dishes to Capture Wildlife Audio and First-Person Interviews

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VANCOUVER, CANADA, NOVEMBER 13, 2018 – Acclaimed Wildlife Videographer Christian Sasse recently added the Sound Shark parabolic microphone collector as a high-end recording solution for his face-to face interview shoots and world-renowned wildlife photography. Developed by Klover Products™, designer and manufacturer of live audio and video production equipment, the Sound Shark parabolic microphone dish is perfect for event photographers, vloggers, independent filmmakers and more.

“I do many live stream shoots with my iPhone, which is great in terms of the video quality, but it doesn’t have a solid microphone,” says Sasse. “I was looking for a director mic for interviews and my research led me to SoundShark, which has all the features for my varied shoots. I ordered it just one day after discovering its benefits, and I’ve been happy with it ever since. It’s the perfect solution.”

The Sound Shark is ideal for videographers because its various accessories and adapters make it compatible with nearly all commercial cameras and video devices, and it can be outfitted with most high quality microphones. Sasse relies on this feature to regularly switch his Sound Shark, equipped with a RØDE microphone, between his Nikon D5 for high-resolution shoots and his iPhone for on-the-go productions.

“I rely on the smartphone gimble for stabilizing on my iPhone and then I connect the microphone as an external component, through the Sound Shark,” explains Sasse. “One major advantage of this is that I can point the microphone in one direction and capture audio from an alternative direction. This allows me to do an interview with excellent sound quality, all while using a standard microphone. It’s also very easy to switch between microphones because of the ease at which I can position it within the Sound Shark.”

The ability to capture audio from one directional point while simultaneously reducing background noise has been an important piece of Sasse’s day-to-day productions. “The main problem that we have with interviews is that we often conduct them at an exhibition center or a concert, where it is very loud with crowds of people,” he continues. “With the Sound Shark, I can point the microphone directly at the interviewee and capture exactly what they are saying, no matter how quietly they speak. This has made a huge difference in the way I do my productions.”

The patented design of the Sound Shark employs the physics of a parabolic curve to collect sound energy from a wide distance onto a small microphone, while simultaneously reducing noise from the surrounding areas. This feature is perfectly suited for shoots involving people, such as Sasse’s interviews, but can also be integrated for capturing wildlife in more heavily populated areas.

“I recently did a shoot at a beautiful river, situated alongside a very noisy road,” continues Sasse. “When I was done, I came to realize that one cannot easily separate nature from culture anymore, and that is why I needed to find a new solution. With the Sound Shark, I can turn my camera in whichever direction necessary to get my shots while simultaneously pointing the dish another way, to capture the sounds of nature and reduce the background noise.”

For Sasse, the robustness, flexibility and build quality of the Sound Shark also prove beneficial. With its aluminum frame and sturdy plastic dish, the product is guaranteed to withstand the extreme temperatures of Sasse’s wildlife productions. “I’ve also used it in snow, which was interesting because snow absorbs everything, and it is difficult to capture any audio,” says Sasse. “But, the Sound Shark captured the true essence of being outside, alone in a quiet winter setting.”

The Sound Shark is ideal for streaming and recording wildlife, live events and presentations or audience focused panels, among other things. The small form-factor of the nine-inch model allows it to be mounted directly to a camera to offer a wind resistant, focused pickup. A series of mounts are available to meet the needs of a variety of applications, and custom solutions are available for out-of-the-box style productions.

A professionally trained electrical engineer and astronomer, Sasse has made quite a name for himself as a videographer among colleagues in his industries. Today, he travels the world directing interviews with some of the best and brightest in these fields, while also working professionally to capture magnificent videos of wildlife. His work can be found in a wide array of television and film productions, as well as on his company YouTube page. For more information, find the Sasse Photo business page on Facebook:

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Manufactured by Klover Products, Sound Shark Audio is dedicated to creating audio technology that captures signals from a greater distance, with more clarity than a standard microphone. The Sound Shark is a flexible recording tool that builds on the benefits of today’s leading microphones to offer a long distance capturing solution.

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