Small Audio System Captures Big Sound Waves

New 9” Parabolic Hits the Courts Running

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March 24, 2015, Janesville, WI — Klover Products Inc.’s line of parabolic microphones capture sound waves by zooming in with pinpoint accuracy on football and baseball fields, and now even basketball courts! The newest parabolic microphone, at just 9” in diameter, is debuting at the NCAA’s March Madness games with incredible results.

Dave Grundtvig, owner of Soundvision, who has been in the business of mixing sound for more than two decades, first used Klover’s 26 inch parabolic microphones at NFL games and then tested the smaller 16” and 9” products at the NBA Summer League. He’s now very excitedabout using the 9” size for basketball including the NCAA tournament games. According to Grundtvig, “It’s amazing how perfectly it picks up the sound of a bouncing ball and even the airping inside the ball as it hits the floor. It brings incredible realism to the game because of the actual court sounds. I think they’d be great for ALL sports.”

The small 9” parabolic provides performance that is comparable to high-end shotgun microphones, but tends to be more focused, have a longer range, and is more wind resistant when used outdoors. Parabolic microphones have a long history and a wide range of applications. In addition to capturing audio for sporting events of all types, the Klover MiK™products can be used by government agencies for surveillance or search and rescue. They are also used by film and television producers when they want to record audio from a distance.

In 2011 Klover Products owners, Paul Terpstra and Patrick Santini, were approached by Fox Sports to develop a new parabolic microphone because their audio engineers wanted a better product. The Klover MiK 26 inch parabolic was born! “We hear things now that were all but impossible to get before switching to the Klover MiK,” states Fred Aldous, audio consultant and senior mixer for Fox Sports. Fox now uses the Klover MiK 26 exclusively for their football broadcasts.

Paul Terpstra, co-owner, engineer and product designer, states that, “It’s extremely rewarding when I see eyes light up when demonstrating the small parabolic to people that have struggled to get good audio. He continues, “It’s been exciting to see our product spread from one sport to another. It seems that almost every week we are contacted by someone with a new application for our parabolics. I love being able to help solve their challenges in new ways.”

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