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How Far Can the Sound Shark Really Reach?

Sound Shark parabolic mic

There are so many variables that it is very difficult to answer this question. However, we have recorded voices from 50 feet away in quiet situations. Obviously, the audio was not as strong as if the speaker had been wearing a lapel microphone on their body but it was usable. Randy Gardner, one our ambassadors, was kind enough to provide a short video of his side by side test of a Sound Shark and a Sennheiser ME67 shotgun microphone. The ME67 is an expensive, professional quality microphone that few amateurs would have.

In this video Randy’s voice was recorded from 30 feet and we think the audio from both microphones is quite impressive.

In this second video, Dan Weecks explains why he likes the Sound Shark so much and then includes clips of wedding vows recorded 50 feet away from the couple (at about 5:40).

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